Unique Ways of Wearing a Hoodie

Hoodies are versatile garments that can make you comfortable and stylish at the same time. It is snuggly, and cozy that can be put on casually and as athletic wear as well. They are hands down one of the most comfortable unisex outfits, that are loved by both genders. It is sported not only by men but also by women on many occasions. Hoodies for men and women are becoming increasingly popular and can be seen adorning their wardrobes. It has become a statement piece of clothing that can be flaunted in both the winter and summer as it can be worn in different ways. Let’s take you on a style tour and discuss with you the different ways in which women’s and men’s hoodies and sweatshirts can be worn.

hoodies for men

 Wear it as formal

Can you imagine a hoodie being worn as formal wear? We will tell you how. All you need to take into account is its fit. It should be body-hugging, and you can wear it over a formal shirt. If you are choosing it to be worn formally, then go for solid-colored hoodies in dark shades. This will look great if it is worn with lighter-shaded shirts.

 Club it with a blazer 

Style is what you discover every day, and if we tell you that hoodies can look great with blazers, then? Give your hoodies an interesting twist by pairing them up with a cool tailored blazer. Donning a perfectly fitted blazer will really make it look out of the world. This great combination can be great for both semi-formal occasions. Wear this combination in combinations like grey and black or beige and blue and you are good to go anywhere.

 Don it as a gym wear

Hoodies for men can be worn as an athleisure as it makes them look impressive. Its charm increases when it is worn over a well-toned body, but it looks smart anyway on everyone. So, you can try wearing it over your gym wear and make people swoon over the look.

 Keep it casual.

Hoodies for men are a great option if you want to keep it casual. It makes you look super cool. Printed hoodies for men are in style these days, and they can be worn over a pair of cool denim with sneakers. It is a simple yet effective look that deserves praise. Sometimes, it is the simple things that make the difference.

 Club it with a leather Jacket. 

Leather jackets are an all-time favorite of men, especially the ones who love riding a bike, as they give off a masculine vibe. You can step up your fashion game by wearing a combination of a leather jacket and a hoodie. Wear your leather jacket over a hoodie with a pair of jeans and cool white sneakers for an invincible look. Wear it for an outing with your friends during chilly winters or create a similar look with your beau for an adventurous bike ride. If you are planning an outing during the winter, your leather jacket is going to keep you warm along with lending you a sharp look that will make the world envy you.

 Pair it with your joggers. 

Pair hoodies with joggers and nothing can beat this super-cool casual look. It is a look that keeps you comfortable to the highest degree and also makes heads turn if you are using the right colour combinations for this all-casual look. You can go to the gym, hang out with friends, wear it comfortably at home, or stroll in a mall. You cannot go wrong with this one.

 Let your chinos speak the style 

If you want all the attention on you, you can try pairing your well-stitched chinos with your hoodies. It can be worn to the office or you can wear it to clubs that will make you look super cool. Don your sunglasses with a pair of oxford shoes to get anyone’s attention. This ensemble will surely earn you praise.

 Wear it with a pea coat.

Wear your hoodie with a pea coat that will keep you warm and make you look hot at the same time. Wear your pea coat above the hoodie on a chilly winter evening if you are going on a date or with your family and friends. it will suit all occasions. This combination can be worn by men and women both, as a hoodie for men and women leave a similar effect on others. It is a well-defined formal and casual look.

 Sport it with a denim jacket.

A hoodie layered with a denim jacket that is better known as a trucker will make you look out of this world, creating a stunning look. A blue-coloured trucker jacket and a pair of stylish jeans will look great with hoodies. You can choose hues of your choice that can range from dark to light, as every colour would go with this combination. This cool look is here to slay.

 Customized pants with hoodies 

Smart, fitted, and well-cut pants or bottoms with hoodies can get you into some serious style. A great combination that will make you look smart and give you a neat and classy look. Choose hues that are plain and subtle for an overall subtle look. It is one of the experimental looks that can win you praise.

 Last but not the least

Hoodies are always there for your rescue, whether it is a formal occasion or a casual outing. No matter what, they will always give you a stunning transformation. The right combination for the right occasion exudes the right aura for you. These smart and adaptive clothes can win the hearts of onlookers in one fell swoop, no matter where you go.