Best Styles of Men's Shirts For All Occasions

When it comes to mens shirts, they are undoubtedly considered one of the most essential articles of clothing for men. Irrespective of your age and your profession, shirts suit everyone, and with a large variety of shirts on the market, you can explore different styles and create your own niche in these fashionable times. The clothes are the perfect reflection of your personality, and styling yourself as per the latest trends keeps you among the ongoing fashion and makes you feel confident about yourself.

There are a number of mens shirt styles that range from classic shirts, and oxford shirts, to denim shirts that come in different designs, necklines, textures, and fits that are worn on different occasions. There is a huge ocean of different varieties out there that makes it really difficult to pick one of your choices. Every shirt has unique features that are worn by a specific body type or personality, and if you get overwhelmed with the options, you must consider knowing the basics of the vast variety that can help you pick the perfect shirt for you. 

Button-down shirt

A button-down shirt is the most versatile shirt, as it can be best suited to formal as well as casual occasions and makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. It comes in lighter as well as darker hues, prints, checks, stripes, geometrical patterns, etc.; you need to decide what to wear where. If you want to wear it to the office, keep it subtle, and don’t go for brighter shades and prints. They can be worn in all climates as they are available in different textures. Heavy textures for cold climates and lighter ones for hot summers. The shirts that fit you perfectly and make you look dapper

Dress Shirt

Every man needs at least one white shirt that can be worn with a bow tie and a dinner jacket on formal occasions and serves the purpose of a formal ensemble. A dress shirt is a must in every man’s closet. It can be worn during work parties or events, a special family function, or taking your lady out to a formal dinner. They not only look classy but also add style and elegance to your personality. Match them with the right pair of shoes for an all-formal look, or experiment with the look by adding cool sneakers to it. You can easily get these mens shirts online

Flannel Shirt

Flannel shirts are everlasting options when it comes to shirts, as they never go out of fashion. Thus, a man should have at least a couple of options when buying shirts. They look best with denim and also make you feel warm during cool weather. Brands like Versace, Calvin Klein, DKNY, Prada, and Diesel also make it a part of their essentials as they add an essence of virility to any outfit and at the same time are very comfortable to wear. It is the best option to attend any social gathering or a family dinner at a restaurant. Flannel shirts are sturdy and can be worn for a long time. You can create multiple looks with them, like pairing them with a classic tee and jeans and a pair of sneakers. Simply wear them with a pair of cool chinos. They are easy to wash and maintain, which is an additional advantage. 

Denim Shirt

Denim shirts are the favourites of all men around the globe. They attract all men equally, as they are timeless beauties. These shirts never go out of fashion and always make you look cool and handsome. These well-fitted shirts also become an inspiration for many to have toned bodies so that they can fit them perfectly. It is comfortable and works amazingly well when layered with a cool white tee. Designer denim shirts from big brands are a must-have in your wardrobe that, once worn with your cool sunglasses and white sneakers, add to your overall look.

Linen Shirt

The linen shirt is the best-looking and most voguish shirt that makes you look uber cool during the rising temperature. A trendy fashion piece that is light and comfortable during the summer. Wear it anywhere, whether you’re going on a family vacation or for an evening party with friends; you can never go wrong with this. The breathable material looks designer and cannot be compared with any other shirts when it comes to measuring your style quotient. You tend to attract all the attention with this great piece of clothing and boost your confidence.

Casual Shirt

Designer casual shirts are the new trendy shirts that everyone looks forward to having. A versatile mens shirt design takes your fashion graph escalating. These shirts are comfortable as they are mostly made of cotton yarn or sometimes a combination of different yarns that are soft and comfortable. These casual shirts in print are also trending in the fashion world, but you need to be confident enough to carry them. Wear these with chinos or a pair of jeans—both look good. These fun clothes can be worn on an outing with friends, on a vacation, or while hanging out with your beau; they are just unbeatable.

Office Shirts

All men have a wide range of office shirts, as they require them the most. These mens shirt formals make you look tidy, and decent and leave a good impression on others. It can open new opportunities for you, as it has rightly been said that "the first impression is the last impression’ and this can definitely help you achieve that goal. Pair it with a tie or wear it solo; both look the best. They come in subtle patterns and office styles that you can pick as per your personal preference. It mostly comes in light colour options, as bright colours look more festive. A nicely fitted office shirt can keep your confidence level up the whole day and hence make you perform better.