Must Have Men's Casual Shirt

 A men’s shirt is an attire that goes with every season and every occasion due to its versatility. It is without a doubt a must have that men cannot go without. 

casual shirts for men

Whether it is casual shirts for men or formal shirts, there is so much variety that one is sure to be enticed by their colors, patterns, and textures. With the right styles, and fashion sense one cannot go wrong with it. You can stock your wardrobe with the endless options of casual shirt brands and formal shirt brands that come with something new every season. These are innumerable types of shirts for men that you must explore. Here are some interesting options for you. 


The Oxford button down shirt is a classic shirt that has ruled every man’s wardrobe for over a century. It is called an Oxford shirt for the very simple reason that it is cut from the cloth named "Oxford." It has a thick fabric that makes it apt for cold weather compared to other options in shirting. This casual shirt piece has striking features like a button-down collar and a hanger loop at the back of the yoke. It works fantabulously for a range of dress codes, making it one of the most versatile shirts to make a fatal combination. 


If you love wearing suits, then this is an essential piece of clothing to be a part of your wardrobe. This classic evening shirt serves the purpose perfectly, as its pique fabric has the potential to hold starch and keep the fabric stiff. It has a wing, a cutaway collar, and double cuffs that look best with cufflinks. It will make your style quotient go up and make you stand out.


Fashion moves 360 degrees and comes back after a while. With the revival of the fifties fashion this casual shirt type is back in fashion that is best to be worn in the breezy summer. It makes you look cool and carries a casual vibe. The ‘Cuban’ shirt’s open collar, fairly boxy fit, straight hem, and button-up front make it ideal to carry on your vacations or on a friend’s day out. Pair it with a pair of chinos  or wear it with shorts or jeans as per the occasion.  



over shirt for men

If you want to dress up the perfect way in winter, then an overshirt will come to your rescue. These are versatile pieces of attire that serve the purpose of a light jacket during the colder days, as you can layer them up with another shirt. They are typically worn for casual events, but if they are in darker hues, you can also wear them professionally. You can pair a dark blue overshirt with a white T-shirt, cool denims, and boots with laces for a perfect outing. 


It’s the best attire to beat the heat and look super hot in the summery weather. It is a popular summer trend that looks stylish with prints, stripes, geometrical patterns, and pastel colors. if you pair it with shorts, chinos, lighter denim, and linen trousers. You can make a style statement and make heads turn with your cool fashion. 


A solid-colored polo shirt is a must-have for both casual and semi-formal wear. It provides a clothing option for more dressed-up occasions. The brands have made it mandatory for their collections. With a huge range of hues and patterns, it can be worn for all occasions. It fits well on all body types and makes for a rare combination of style and sophistication. It can be paired with all kinds of men’s bottom wear.


When the mercury begins to rise, you want some cool, easy-breezy clothing that would serve as an escape from the summer heat, and "linen" is the best at doing it. The linen shirts look elegant, rich, and uber-cool. Eliminate your weather woes on a hot summer day by pairing your linen with your denims, or chinos. Go for pastel hues when wearing your linens, as they are light and airy, and lighter hues make them more comfortable during warm weather. But for a perfect evening, grab a dark-coloured linen shirt to go with your bottoms. It is one of the best casual shirts for men online. 


This classic workwear looks perfect if worn the right way. It surely makes you look dapper and also creates a casual image when worn with a pair of faded denims. You can also layer it with a light coloured T-shirt and explore the double denim layering trend. You can blindly trust a denim shirt if you want to stand out from the rest and look cool.  


The thick and soft flannel shirt is an absolute must-have in a wardrobe for winter as it is warm, stylish, and versatile. It looks great when it is layered with a t-shirt for a casual look, or you can simply button it up over a pair of dark denim jeans for a simple and sophisticated look. The checkered pattern is an all-time favourite of men, and thus, you can never go wrong with it.


If you are not a tie and collared shirt person, then Mandarin shirts can come to your rescue. You can wear it as formal wear as well as during evening parties. This modern shirt keeps you away from all the hassles and at the same time makes you look debonair. You can pair it with chinos and dress shoes by tucking it in for formal wear or wear it with your favourite jeans for a semi-casual look.


The henley shirt is a casual shirt that will always make you look smart and handsome.These are comfortable and bring a cool vibe to your dressing. Wear it at home, on outings with friends, or on a casual visit to a relative’s home.