(PACK OF 2) Bamboo Cotton Hand Towels

Rs. 690.00
Rs. 690.00

Care -

  • IRON UP TO150ºC/302ºF
(PACK OF 2) Bamboo Cotton Hand Towels
(PACK OF 2) Bamboo Cotton Hand Towels
(PACK OF 2) Bamboo Cotton Hand Towels
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(PACK OF 2) Bamboo Cotton Hand Towels
(PACK OF 2) Bamboo Cotton Hand Towels
(PACK OF 2) Bamboo Cotton Hand Towels


Top quality and long product life with so. much benefits to our EARTH.


No animals were used in the development of this product.


This product is a part of braclo care programme


Made of bacteria-resistant silicone, easy to clean.

Why your skin will love it

Deep cleanse

Bamboo towels are known for their softness and absorbency, but it is important to note that they are not designed to deep cleanse your skin. While using a soft and gentle bamboo towel may help to remove dirt and impurities from your skin.

Super Absorbent

Bamboo hand towels are known for being super absorbent. The fibers of bamboo towels are naturally porous and can hold up to three times their weight in water, making them a great choice for hand towels.Compared to traditional cotton towels, bamboo towels are more absorbent, softer, and more eco-friendly. They are also naturally antimicrobial, which means they resist bacteria growth, making them a good option for hand towels that are often used in the kitchen or bathroom.

What our customers say

The best Hand towel I’ve come across! I have travelled all over the world and have been searching for a five star Hotel grade towel. Tried numerous Well known brands but they are nothing compared to this towel. Just go for it!

Mansi Bhandari

Agra India

They are worth the money. I had bought it for my husband and he loved them. They are soft, has good absorbency, doesnt shed material. I even washed them after getting them , still looks as good as received!

Swati Singh

Delhi, India

It's all natural and antimicrobial thingy gives an extra layer of hygiene than what it's competitors are providing.


Mumbai, India

I know the claim is that its made out of bamboo and all. Don't really know how one can prove the authenticity of the claim but after using it for over a week and putting it for machine wash, I am happy with the product. It absorbs well and dries fast. I live in an almost tropical forest region where nothing dries in a day but this towel is ready for the next shower the same evening.

Atul Kapoor

Pune, India

Expensive yet the best Hand towel I've ever had. Got it for my mom as well

Hardik Saxena

Mumbai, India