About Us

Every company has been shaped by moments of inspiration,
perseverance, and courage. The success story of Braclo started over the
dinner with a vision to succeed and with an aim to build a strong
foundation for a big empire with happy and satisfied customers and team
Mr. Chirag Khandelwal, a passionate and innovative entrepreneur started
shaping his vision in 2014. Realizing his capabilities and after
comprehending the intricacies involved in a business, Mr. Chirag decided
to come up with his own venture. This gave birth to 'Braclo' in the year
2015. The company spread its wings slowly and steadily and is committed
to providing the world's best fabrics that feel wonderful on the skin.
The thought behind the coming up of Braclo was to provide the best
fabrics of the world at an affordable price in India unlike international
brands that charge a huge sum for the products of the same quality. Our
strength lies in our honesty towards our work and customers whom we
pledge to serve with utmost sincerity. The mission of the company is to
reach out to people of all age groups and segments and become a
household name.
We have a sophisticated collection for both men and women in casual and
formal category that has originated from years of research and passion for
ourjob. Our collection is the perfect expression of our unique and
distinctive style. The apparel of our company stands out because of the
innovative materials, colors, and prints that have an unforgettable visual
We believe in astounding the world with our stylish ideas and bring a
revolution in the apparel industry with a great team by our side who act as
a catalyst in realizing our dreams.