Everything You Need to Know About Buying Bath Towels

Bath towels are an important part of our daily lives. We cannot imagine beginning our day without them. Bathing is a ritual that is repeated every day, and nice, good-quality bath towels are an essential that must be picked after giving them lots of attention. You just cannot go out and buy any random towel for yourself and your family. It maintains hygiene, keeps you dry, and can make or break your mood. Who likes a stinking, wet towel in the morning? With the endless options of cotton bath towels available online and in stores, it is difficult to choose. It is imperative to avoid looking for cheap bath towels, as they are not good for our bodies. So, putting a little thought into it before buying will surely help you end up buying the best bath towels in India.

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Things to consider before buying bath towels

Check the fiber.

Pure cotton towels are the best, as they are the softest and most absorbent. There are many variations of cotton bath towels are available in the market that ranges from Egyptian, Supima to bamboo cotton. These are soft, quick-absorbing, and durable in use. Many towels come with a cotton/polyester blend, are often less expensive, and dry quickly, but going for cheap towels can cause allergies, and they might not be very good to use.

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GSM is another important factor to be considered while buying bath towels for men and women or small hand towels. It stands for grams per square meter and is an important factor that measures the density of a towel. If the GSM is higher, then the towels will be heavier, softer, and more absorbent. It shows that the quality of the towel is good. The towels with a higher GSM will be more expensive and will provide better performance compared to the ones with a lower GSM.

Generally, the GSM of the towels ranges from 300 to 900. 300-400 GSM comes under "lightweight," 400-600 GSM comes under "medium weight," and 600-900 GSM comes under "heavy weight." If it is between 500 and 700 GSM, then it is good to buy.

Do a thorough inspection

Feel the towel for softness, and look for the finishes on the towels, like the edges that must be neatly folded and stitched. This is a sign of good quality. You can also look for production highlights like combed cotton that makes the fabric softer and more durable, ring-spun cotton that makes the towel loops strong and smooth, a twist in the towel, etc. All these factors increase the life of the towel.

Care and Cleaning 

(PACK OF 2) Bamboo Cotton Hand Towels

Care and cleaning are another important factor that requires your attention. An untidy, moist cotton bath towel or small hand towel becomes a breeding ground for molds and bacteria. It is advisable to wash them at least twice a week and dry them thoroughly under the sun. Also, it is important to wash your new towel even before the first use, as they have been touched by many people before and have been treated with softeners and silicone to make them more appealing.